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Demystifying Myths and Challenges in Healthy Eating

Ever tried to change your diet and given up? Find all the information out there is confusing and unless you’re eating some extreme diet you’re unhealthy?

With all the diet quick-fixes and advertisements for specialty diets it easy to get frustrated and uncertain what to eat, but maybe, just maybe, a good diet doesn’t have to be extreme and require you to change your whole life.

Lindsay's picture- small2For this podcast I’m joined by Lindsay Pleskot (http://www.lindsaypleskot.com/, Instagram: lindsaypleskot), a Registered Dietitian with years of experience speaking, writing and coaching people to make food feel good body, mind, and soul. Through her signature 321 Method Meal Plans, Lindsay inspires healthy change in people’s nutrition and believes that food has the ability to connect us more deeply to ourselves and to the world around us.


During the interview, Lindsay discusses various myths about healthy eating such as it takes too much time to eat healthy, or it costs too much. Through her grounded approach to eating healthy, Lindsay dispels these myths and how people can overcome challenges to good nutrition.

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