Have you ever felt something not right in your body, unsure what it may be and decided not to get it checked out by your doctor or avoid going to the ER? Ever go see the doctor only to be told nothing is wrong with you? Have you ever felt anxious about your health?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you’re not alone. In fact, many of us have experienced these feelings or had this happen to us.

Carolyn Thomas- picture- small

For this podcast I’m joined by Carolyn Thomas. In 2008 Carolyn suffered a heart attack and has since become a champion for patients, and women in particular, by sharing her story of being sent home from the ER with the misdiagnosis of acid reflux. She writes the popular blog called Heart Sisters and is the author of the book A Woman’s Guide to Living With Heart Disease (published by Johns Hopkins University Press)

During the interview Carolyn shares her story and discusses how people can be empowered when taking care of their health. Valuable information whether for you, or someone you care about. So sit back and take a listen.

Press play below:

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