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Understanding Epigenetics and Nutrition: An Interview with Dr. Angela Devlin

All of us have DNA. In fact every cell in our body, whether it is in our skin cells or our blood cells has the exact same genes. Our genetic codes makes up who we are. Or does it? Just because we have a certain gene, it doesn’t mean it will be active. The field of epigenetics has opened up our understanding on how genes may, or may not, be turned on. And this can have implications for nutrition and your health.

Angela Devlin expert in epigenetics and nutrition

For this podcast I’m joined by Dr. Angela Devlin (Twitter: @AngelaMDevlin), an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia. She’s also co-leads the Origins of Child Health and Disease Research Group at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Angela is a leader in nutrition, metabolism and epigenetic processes in pregnancy and early childhood to help bring better understanding of the development of diabetes and heart disease.

During the interview, Angela provides an introduction to the fascinating field of epigenetics and how it relates to your nutrition and health.

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  1. Just found your info and am so happy because as a 60 yr old athletic women recently diagnosed with severe CAD requiring a quadruple CABG, I think your shared information is likely reliable & useful. Thanks for taking the time to share this information

    1. Thank for taking the time to leave a comment. Glad you find the blog useful. I hope you have a healthy and prosperous 2022!

  2. Epigenetics refers to the changes in gene expression which can be inherited. These changes occur due to changes in structures attached to DNA. Such altered gene expressions are seen in many diseases such as autism, cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc. I came across another great article about Reiki. I am attaching a link if anyone is interested. https://pranalink.com/the-epigenetic-diet-everything-you-need-to-know/ [edited]

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